Aapka Matlooba Number Dosri Line Pe Masroof Hai

Being an elitist form of art. Theatre is expensive, you have to leave your house for it and it presents complex ideas and themes to make its audiences think. There’s more to theatre than just someone enacting something on the stage. Going to the theatre provides the opportunity to gather together and explore the human [...]


9 Reasons Why You Need a Foodie Friend!

We all have heard this saying: There is no sincerer love than the love of food. Being friends with a foodie is like being friends with the best kind of person. There's nothing better than having a friend who not only understands your love of food but shares in that passion. So, here we have [...]

8 Types of People on Bakra Eid

Eid ul Azha, ‘Bakra Eid’, ‘Bari Eid’, ‘Baghair Eidi wali Eid’… there are so many names for this special occasion! With the blessings of Eid, you get to meet a lot of people. Foodies aren’t the only sort of people you come across. The range of characters you bump into is staggering, and here I [...]

My Untold Story!

In my mind, I have published this little story of mine quite many times, but never got time to actually write it. So yes, this note I am writing here is to acknowledge my family and the amazing friends who’ve always been there for me. In the start of January, I was diagnosed with hypertension, [...]