Education is the Key – Vision of Syed Fahad Ali

With so much negativity and chaos around the country, either you hold on to the darkness or you can choose to see the brighter side. Sparkistan is an initiative by Atlas Battery that aims to promote the positive side and people of Pakistan. Sparkistan is doing this by highlighting the good work and initiative of…

My Untold Story!

In my mind, I have published this little story of mine quite many times, but never got time to actually write it. So yes, this note I am writing here is to acknowledge my family and the amazing friends who’ve always been there for me. In the start of January, I was diagnosed with hypertension,…

D-Watson Kay Fries

You might recognize it as a medicine spot but it’s my favorite fries spot in Islamabad. Well, I am talking about blue area, D-Watson kay fries. If you telling it to an outsider you might probably get replies like what, when did D-Watson start making fries rather than medicines. Jokes apart, they have the best…

Naan Dhaaba: Twist To Your Traditional Naan

So here we are with only one question, what makes Naan Dhaaba different from the other eateries with the same concepts. Well, I would say affordable rates, good quality of food and the enthusiasm of its team.

Raj Kachori: The Prince of Gol Gappas

Raj Kachori is one unique food experience. Crispy from the outside while filled entirely with sweet, spicy and salty ingredients. Its presentation makes it even more alluring. The best part of the dish for me was the variety of chutneys used and the flavorsome presentation.


Life is a set of experiences. Each experience is a gateway to learning and exploring. Success triggers the urge for more success, while failures are the way of learning from your mistakes.  There is no room for regrets, you learn and you move on.