Raj Kachori: The Prince of Gol Gappas

It is often said that nothing stops a true foodie from going out and discovering something new. This is indeed very true. The first week of my university was way too hectic; even now I’m trying to figure out my courses. The summer hiatus was a huge span of time and I’ve forgotten most of what I studied (yes, I have pathetic memory when it comes to studies). The weekend is finally here *breathes a sigh of relief*, and so it’s time to embrace my foodie nature and explore something new in the city.

This weekend I visited Safa Gold Mall, Islamabad. I was on my way to my favorite spot in their food court, Bombay Chatpatta’ when a new eatery caught my eye — and it was as though I had found something I had been looking for a very long time.

The place was Pizza Cone — known for its uniquely styled pizzas. What I had there, however, was their Raj Kachori. For me, it was love at first sight and made me feel like I was traveling back in history to have this dish from a bygone era.
This is one giant gol gappa with an amazing chatpatta-style filling. The dish had quality ingredients and was served with hospitality — just what I was looking for after a hectic week.

Raj Kachori is one unique food experience. Crispy from the outside while filled entirely with sweet, spicy and salty ingredients. Its presentation makes it even more alluring. The best part of the dish for me was the variety of chutneys used and the flavorsome presentation.

For some visual inspiration, check out the edited version on Chefling tales here.



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