My Untold Story!

In my mind, I have published this little story of mine quite many times, but never got time to actually write it. So yes, this note I am writing here is to acknowledge my family and the amazing friends who’ve always been there for me.
In the start of January, I was diagnosed with hypertension, that too just before my final exams – I was unable to write, focus or even walk properly. Because my blood pressure was not normal, my brain was getting affected. With all the treatments I had, both spiritual and medical, the situation seemed to worsen. I stayed on medication, spent sleepless nights, cried too – just a bit.
Ever since I started to write, my mother paid special attention to my handwriting. I remember when I was little, my mother used to make me write my homework again and again if it was written dirtily, and I had to keep repeating the hectic process until I was able to do it neatly, or ran out of erasers. Thus my handwriting was neat and admirable. Because I was sick and couldn’t properly write; my writing went from neat to I don’t know what, and it worsened every passing day. It which was somewhat embarrassing for me as well because of the fact that I had to go to office and university on a daily basis; I have had trouble even holding a pen properly.

My awful writing then was a constant source of tension for me!


Now I am better or at least recovering, Alhamdulillah. Nonetheless, those were not easy times; I was cranky, life was messed up, and I don’t think I would’ve recuperated if it were without the support of my dear ones. So here I am, thankful to all the people who stood by my side and dealt with my silly tantrums all along. Tough times teach you a lot, and so they did to me as well; I learned patience and tolerance, and experienced unconditional love in its true form. I assimilated gratitude and learned how it can help us in looking towards the brighter side, despite all the darkness around. I also read this book: The secret, written by Rhonda Bryne which greatly influenced my attitude towards my life – I would recommend it to all those who haven’t read it yet. Lastly, to all those who at some level are struggling with their lives, my message to you is this: Keep Fighting and never give up! Wishing you all good health and success. Godspeed.



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