Education is the Key – Vision of Syed Fahad Ali

With so much negativity and chaos around the country, either you hold on to the darkness or you can choose to see the brighter side.
Sparkistan is an initiative by Atlas Battery that aims to promote the positive side and people of Pakistan. Sparkistan is doing this by highlighting the good work and initiative of the people around the country.

“Highlighting your work is not the purpose of appreciation rather it is the chance to inspire other individuals. I myself is greatly inspired by Master Ayub to take this very initiative”, said Fahad Ali. Being born in not so ideal situation Fahad Ali was quite motivated that underprivileged children should not face the same situation as he did in his childhood. Syed Fahad Ali was determined to take the step towards providing free education rather than complaining about the situation of this nation. His very first step was to open Aghaz School that aims to educate the underprivileged students by providing free education.

Life is too busy. One is only concerned about oneself. But in the darkness, there is a light. There is a hope. A hope to change the wrong and bring positivity around the world. Speaking of hope, there are few people who are doing good by being selfless and helping others. To bring the change you desired to see in the world, there’s only one key: Be positive, patient and persistent.

Syed Fahad Ali follows one simple mantra and that is “I learned to give not because I have much but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing”.

Syed Fahad Ali

Ending it with a hope that the spark of Syed Fahad Ali will also charge up our country. #Sparkistan


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