Indoor Amusement? Funcity!

Let me get this straight, we ,Islamabadis, are unlucky when it comes to amusement places, though we do have peaceful roads and breath taking views and now we have an upgraded Funcity.

When Funcity opened its doors in Centaurus Mall, the mesmerizing rides and the crazy fun that it offers was enough to attract the people. Funcity has recently opened at Giga Mall, DHA2. Taking all the craziness to the next level, Funcity is all about adventure, excitement, and amusement.

On 25th June, Giga Mall has inaugurated the opening of Funcity in its 2nd Floor. A day before Eid, it was impossible for us to even stand there as its opening has called upon all of its lovers around the town. After the week was the visit that pushes me all the time to go there again. The Bumper cars, the mini dance party 360, top flips, everything was mesmerizing and adventurous.

I wasn’t alone, my friends were there which made everything even more awesome. About the rides, they were scary, yet exciting.

Starting off with the mini dance party 360. The scream and shouts could be heard everywhere but the feeling is charming. So do try this rides.

Horror and excitement!

The second ride was the top flip, a truly demanding ride offering scary flips and exciting shouts.

Top flips!

The Bumper cars were an adventure itself, competing with friends and family, beating them by hitting them, what more do you want!

The battle cars!

The Video games were all very thrilling and challenging.

Our two boyzes!

Overall Verdict
One word to describe the experience: FUNNNN. Funcity is a perfect indoor amusement park with an amazing technology and safety standards. Do visit if you haven’t already


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